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Art Raffle 2023

Clarice Shirvell 2023 LWVR.jpeg

“Break in the Clouds - Sherwood Island”    

20”x 30” Goldens Acrylic on Canvas 

Value: $850

Raffle Drawing will be held at
Queen Bee Coffee Company
Tuesday, May 9th 11am

Congratulations to League Member
Sabina Slavin!

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We are thrilled renowned Ridgefield artist Clarice M. Shirvell has created a special work of art for our 2023 Annual Art Raffle Fundraiser to help fund our programs and events.

Standing beside her painting "Break in the Clouds- Sherwood Island", a 20”x 30” Goldens Acrylic on Canvas landscape, renowned Ridgefield artist Clarice M. Shirvell reflected on her journey as an artist, woman, and community member at the League of Women Voters of Ridgefield’s “Meet the Artist"– Art Raffle Fundraiser Kick Off on February 16th. 













Clarice created the painting, especially for the League, and when asked if she would be interested in donating a painting to this year’s art raffle fundraiser, Clarice said:  “I didn’t hesitate to respond with a “yes”. As a longtime resident of Ridgefield, the town where my husband and I purchased our first home and raised our four sons, I like to show appreciation to the many volunteer organizations that make our town special”.  She expressed admiration for the League  …” who through the years educate our citizens about upcoming elections and providing platforms for forums and candidate debates reminding us of our right to vote.”  She also said:  “I was fortunate to graduate from a small woman liberal arts college where I studied art and business and was also required to take women's studies. Learning about women’s suffrage taught me to not waste my privilege to vote which was fought for by previous generations.”


When talking about her work as an artist, Clarice said:  “I want my art to inspire people to stop and see the Light in all of Us, the light that unites any living thing, a tree, people, and understand we are all connected. Like a gratitude journal, a painting can show the beauty in the every day, and in doing so, we can change our outlook and pass along a smile.” She explained that many artists had inspired her and that Frida Kahlo taught her to embrace her Latina culture and to be fearless.


Clarice has been able to explore different genres as a member of the Ridgefield Guild of Artists where she was awarded a residency and solo show during the pandemic.  She is currently a resident artist at RPAC Studios where she is creating large works on paper and canvas for her series Quiet Moments. She has been awarded a solo show at RPAC Gallery 410 Main Street in Ridgefield opening May 18, 2023.


Marilyn Carroll, President of the LWV of Ridgefield said:  “Clarice is the eighth artist from the Ridgefield Guild of Artists who has donated an exquisite work of art to the Ridgefield League, and we are extremely grateful to her for creating "Break in the Clouds – Sherwood Island" to be raffled off at our Annual Art Raffle Fundraiser event on May 9th.  Proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets allow the League to continue to provide educational programs and events of interest to the community.”  Raffle tickets for Break in the Clouds – Sherwood Island, may be purchased online at www. for $5 each. 


To learn more about Clarice or follow her on social media, go to:;"

​Each year, an artist donates an exquisite work of art to the Ridgefield League of Women Voters to be raffled off. 

Raffle Drawing:
May 9th, 2023

Queen Bee Coffee Company


Call Amanda Cordano at 203-313-9930 (or text ‘tickets’) to purchase $5 raffle tickets or buy here online

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