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What We Do


Voter Service Including:

  • Voter registration drives, Candidate debates and forums for local, state, & national elections —Selectmen, local boards, State Reps, Governor, and Congress, Publications “Town Government at a Glance”

Public School Civics Activities Including:

  • A Mock Election, Candidate Debates & Forums at RHS, social media engagement concerning voting and distribution of educational material concerning electoral process, voter registration

Community Forums/Informational Meetings Including:

  • Gun Rights/Control, Affordable Housing, Town Charter Revisions, Land Use, Storm Preparation, Financial Regulations, Get To Know Your Town Meetings, Meet Your Legislator Meetings

Studies and Reports on Local, State, and

National Issues Including:

  • Immigration, School Start Times, Privatization of Government Services


  • Special Speakers – UCONN President Herbst

  • Rude Democracy; Secretary of State Denise Merrill

  • UCONN President Herbst

  • Luncheon with Congressman Jim Himes

  • Screening of “Iron Jawed Angels”

  • Membership Receptions and Coffees

  • Publications “Town Government at a Glance”

  • Joint Programs

  • Co-sponsor programs with Ridgefield Library, Keeler Tavern and other local Leagues

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